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Industry Partners

This page is dedicated to share with you our Contacts and Partners that help us to provide our customers with quality products

adamtron logo
Adamtron Digital Designs
Dedicated Electronic, hardwired designs

Adroit Logo
Suppliers of reliable, proven, high performance and open Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems

Bethesda Logo
Distributors of computers and related accessories

cabletronics Logo
Manufacturers and Importers of special cable, fiber and related accessories

draka Logo
Draka Fiber Optic Cable
Exporters of quality and affordable Fiber Optic cable. Leaders in both Single mode and Multi Mode fibers

electrahertz Logo
Electrahertz Automation 
Manufacturers of electrical and PLC panels

hirschmann Logo
Manufacturers of high quality Industrial switches and hubs

impro Logo
Impro Technologies 
Manufacturers of access control system and man-tracking in mining applications

Les Logo
Leading Electronics Solutions 
Manufacturers of power supplies and power management equipment

posmo Logo
POSMO Electronics 
Manufacturers of PCB’s

rupeco Logo
Rupeco Engineering 
Manufacturers of all metal and steel products and quality enclosures. Experts in powder coating and laser cutting

sametco Logo
Suppliers of gas detection equipment

workstation Logo
Workstation Solutions
Power specialists and suppliers of UPS’s

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