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This is an index of our range of products. We are constantly developing improvements as well as new products. To request more detail about a specific item, click on the "Request More Info" link.

Part number: RTS-EV-RA

A cost effective air velocity sensor device. The AirRobo can be fitted with optional Methane or Carbon Monoxide sensors to include one, two or all three of the sensors according to customer requirements

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 CO Sensor with 4-20mA Current Loops
Part number: RTS-EV-COL

A very simple device that detects CO (Carbon Monoxide) with a 4-20mA current loop feedback. Optional extra is a LED based bar graph display to indicate the level of CO detected

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Part number: RTS-EV-MCA

An I.S. certified Tri-sensor environment monitoring device. Measures Airflow, Methane or Carbon Monoxide with a choice of 4-20mA current loop feedback or RS485 comms. Optional wireless comms connection

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 I.S. Power Supply
Part number: RTS-PS-IS-1A12V

An I.S. certified power supply with an input supply voltage of 85-275V AC. The supply has over voltage and under voltage protection and battery backup

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 I.S. Audio/Visual Alarm
Part number: RTS-EV-IS-AV

This I.S. certified alarm is designed to receive a signal from any environment monitoring device. In the alarm state, it indicates via nine super bright LEDs and two highly audible sound bombs

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 Industrial Power Supply (12V/24V)
Part number: RTS-PS-3A12V
An industrial standard 12V DC powers supply with battery Backup. Also available in 24V DC. This PSU is not certified to be I.S.

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 Resque Bay Audio/Visual Alarm
Part number: RTS-RB-RBA

A highly visible and audible alarm to indicate the entrance of a Resque Bay room

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 Resque Bay Battery Box
Part number: RTS-RB-RBB
A power pack intended as an emergency 12V DC 105A/H power supply in the Resque Bay room

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 Escape Route Arrow
Part number: RTS-RB-ERA

A navigation assistance indicator. A series of these arrow displays are placed line of sight of each other to indicate the direction of a Resque Bay room

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Mechanical Coal Detector
Part number: RTS-CB-CDM

A swing mechanism coal detector. The flap is lifted by the presence of coal on a conveyor belt. When the flap lifts, a magnetic switch is toggled and indicated via a relay output to indicate coal presence

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 Dust Suppression Water Valve
Part number: RTS-CB-DSU
A water valve used to control water flow that aids in dust suppression on conveyor belts. When a coal detection devise indicates coal presence, the valve opens to spray water on the belt

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 Running Belt Indicator
Part number: RTS-VI-RBI

A two state indicator to show the status of a conveyor belt: Green light indicates the belt is running, a Red light indicates the belt has stopped

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 Traffic Light Robot
Part number: RTS-VI-TLR

An underground traffic light which can be wired to a controller or a trigger switch (see Light Sensitivity Switch below)

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Light Sensitivity Switch
Part number: RTS-VI-LSS

A light sensitive switch which triggers when a light source is shined directly into the face of the switch

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 C-ME Cap Lamp Enhancer
Part number: RTS-VI-CME

A Cap Lamp fitted with bright blue LEDs in the cover of the battery. The LEDs make the carrier of the Cap Lamp more visible in underground conditions

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